Registration for trial training sessions

Our admin is moving to a new system! Exciting, except that we don’t have a form available for you yet… We apologize for the inconvenience and invite our potential members to contact the ledenadministratie to register with us. In your mail, please state:

  • First and last name of your child
  • Your child’s birth date
  • Telephone number of parents
  • e-mail address of parent(s)
  • Picture of your child, as specified below.


Rugby Nederland requires you to register a passport style photo of your child with the following specifications:

  • File format: .jpg, .jpeg of .png
  • Size: less than 2Mb
  • Aspect ratio preferably 3:4 (allowed: 2:3 tot 5:4)
  • Minimum width: 300px, minimal height: 400px.

Yearly fees  

  • For the current fees, see here.
  • The year runs from 1 July up to and including 30 June of het next calender year.
  • Fees are set by the Algemene Leden Vergadering (general members assembly) and published on the website.
  • Full fees are owed if you register before 1 January
    Half fees are owed if you register after 1 January.
  • For family members living at the same address there is a family discount of 10% of the total membership fees.
  • A member who does not pay his or her fees will be barred from club trainings and matches. A collection agency will be engaged to collect the membership fee if a member does not pay his/her fees within 2 months after the fees becoming due. Any extra costs incurred will be recovered from the member.

Changes in membership / End of membership

  • Any changes in membership must be submitted by e-mail to Telling a trainer or teammanager of changes, or doing so by SMS or whatsapp, does not constitute a change in membership.
  • Please be aware that cancellation of your child’s membership needs to be sent by e-mail to before the 1st of June of the current season.
  • Verbal cancellations to Team managers or trainers  or cancellations via watsapp or SMS do not constitute a cancellation of membership.

Please note: a few days after you send in your cancellation, you should receive a confirmation from the club. If you don’t receive a confirmation, please contact After we confirm your cancellation, the ‘doorlopende incasso’ will be dropped.